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Summer Project.

The idea behind this blog was always practice. I want to be a better writer, and I want to be a better critical writer, and I am madly, passionately enthusiastic about television. Logically, those things intersect at a blog about television.

But there’s more that goes into TV criticism than just watching a lot of TV, you have to have some sort of foundation to build on, and increasingly I’ve been feeling like, if I ever want to be taken seriously as a television critic, I need to build up that foundation. So this summer, as the scripted television season dies down (mostly), I’m going to take on a viewing project.
I’ve narrowed my list to three possible options, and I’d like you to help me pick!
  • The Sopranos: The series is iconic, and from everything I’ve read, a lot of current television storytelling owes a debt to this show.
  • The Simpsons: I’ve seen episodes, as well as the movie, but so much comedy traces back to Springfield and I don’t really have a working knowledge of the world. (I probably wouldn’t make it through the whole series, but I could at least make a dent.)
  • The Wire: It’s largely considered to be the greatest drama series of the last decade, and I can easily get my hands on the complete series on DVD.
So opinions? Whatever I choose to watch will probably come up in posts to East Cupcake, so drop me a comment.