What I Mean When I Say Enthusiasm.

I love television. The whole experience of it. I love that crackle the TV makes when you push the power button, and the fuzz of the screen coming to life. I love flipping channels and pulling up the guide to see what’s on. I love finding a rerun I want to watch, or a movie I haven’t seen in years, or a Law and Order marathon. More than that, I love the anticipation of a new episode. I love turning the TV on with a specific purpose. I can associate that feeling all the way back to elementary school and the knowledge that I could find an episode of Clarissa Explains it All on Nickelodeon at 6 (5 Central) every weekday afternoon.

TV still fills me with that sort of joy. These days I get giddy over a lot of different shows, too many to list. And that’s what I mean when I say this blog is for “out of control television enthusiasm.” My intention is to post about TV that brings me absolute joy. That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting about TV that just needs to go away (*cough*Whitney*cough*), and I am making an effort to look at shows with a more critical eye, but mostly, this is a blog about loving the medium. Loving the sort of stories that can be told with it. Because there is no other medium like television, and no other medium that I love the way I love television.

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