Reading List.

Oral history of One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill may never have been a great show, but there’s something to be said for staying power, and after nine years it’s probably earned the right to the media attention they’ve received this week. This oral history with much of the cast and crew was done by a local Wilmington, North Carolina, paper, so when they start going off into specifics about what it was like to call Wilmington home I lost interest somewhat, but overall it’s a pretty interesting read. Especially when they talk about that time a dog ate a human heart:

Linda Holmes and Alyssa Rosenberg on Lee Aronsohn

If you were somehow left unaware of the Two and a Half Men co-creator’s sexist, oblivious remarks this week, well, you were lucky. If not, you might find Alyssa Rosenberg and Linda Holmes’ ire as therapeutic as I did.

Martha Plimpton interview at the A.V. Club

I always enjoy it when the A.V. Club does a random roles interview, where they ask actors about various credits, significant and not so much, that are listed on their imdb pages. This one with Martha Plimpton is a great read because a) Martha Plimpton’s pretty awesome and b) she’s been working since the early 80s, in everything from after school specials to The Goonies to Raising Hope.


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