Expectation v. Reality.

So of course I sat down and wrote about my expectations for this season of The Vampire Diaries the day before the season 4 promo was released. And of course the show appears to be zigging rather than zagging.


This is certainly not what I was expecting after the season three finale, but that’s not a bad thing. The show has loosely explored the mythology of its own “transition period,” the time between human death and choosing to become a vampire, in the past, both in Stefan and Damon’s origin story in season 1 and again twice more when Caroline’s father and then Bonnie’s mother were turned this past season, but they’ve never tried to loophole their way out of it. I’m curious to see if they’ll actually do it, or if they’ll follow through on the Elena-as-vampire arc. If they do try and find a way to back out, I am hopeful that they will manage it as elegantly as possible.

I’m also psyched that Sheriff Forbes looks like she’ll be getting more screentime this season.

And really I’m just excited. Only a few more weeks!


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